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The Modern Dad Guide: Navigating Parenting in the Digital Age

What's up dudes. My name is Calvin and I am a 26 years old healthcare professional and new dad. My daughter, Aurora, is soon to be 1 years old. When I first met Aurora, I had no idea how to be a father. Growing up, I had no exposure to babies, never changed a diaper, or made a bottle. Most of my early 20's consisted of traveling, partying, and hustling.

It was a steep learning curve at first and definitely a lot of Googling and YouTube. During my search, I noticed that most childcare content on the internet are made by moms for moms. But I know us single dads are out there too (2.3 million of us). Not all dads are deadbeats! This website is where I share things I learn as I become a more competent father. From one BroDad to another, you got this shit.