Baby Bonding Workouts: Fun Exercises to Do with Your Little One

Discover creative fitness routines that involve your baby, fostering a strong bond while getting your heart pumping and muscles working.


Calvin Presley

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The journey of parenthood is filled with countless precious moments, and one of the most rewarding experiences is bonding with your baby.

While baby cuddles and playtime create special connections, combining these moments with fitness activities can elevate the parent-child relationship to a whole new level.

In this guide, we'll explore the world of baby bonding workouts – a delightful blend of exercise and quality time that not only benefits your health but also strengthens the emotional bond between you and your little one.

Why Baby Bonding Workouts Matter

Infancy is a critical period for bonding, and incorporating physical activity amplifies the sense of connection between parent and child. Baby bonding workouts offer a range of benefits:

  1. Physical Development💪: Gentle movements and exercises help your baby develop motor skills, coordination, and muscle strength.

  2. Emotional Connection🥰: Engaging in workouts together fosters trust, intimacy, and a deeper emotional bond between you and your baby.

  3. Mutual Enjoyment☺️: Babies often delight in the sights, sounds, and sensations of movement, making these workouts enjoyable for both of you.

  4. Stress Relief😮‍💨: Physical activity releases endorphins, reducing stress and boosting your mood, benefiting both parent and baby.

Creating a Safe Environment

Before embarking on baby bonding workouts, ensure a safe and comfortable space. Lay down a soft mat or blanket, remove any potential hazards, and have a few essentials nearby: water, baby wipes, a small toy, and a cozy blanket for after your workout.


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Baby Bonding Workout Ideas

  1. Baby-Wearing Dance Party 🪩: Put on your baby carrier and play some upbeat music. Gently sway, dance, or even jog in place while holding your baby close. The rhythmic movement is soothing and entertaining for your little one. I was/am an EDM rave slave so I bump a lot of festival sets at home. My baby love to watch the sets with me and I would carry her and dance around like an idiot. Any fellow festival goer dads here and what's your opinion on bringing kids to raves? (with ear protection of course)

  2. Peek-a-Boo Planks: Position your baby on their tummy facing you while you're in a plank position. Play peek-a-boo by popping up and down, making your baby giggle as they watch you. It's also called, push-ups.

  3. Baby Squats: Hold your baby securely, facing you, as you perform squats. The up-and-down movement provides a fun ride for your baby and engages your leg muscles 🦵. Imagine as if you are performing a goblet squat when holding your baby. Keep your back tight and chest up.

  4. Bicycle Baby Legs: Lay your baby on their back and gently move their legs in a bicycling 🚴motion. This helps with digestion, relieves gas, and strengthens their leg muscles. After they do their set, do your set of bicycle crunches to work your abs. Extra credit if you can hold your baby up while you do it.

  5. Baby Shoulder Press: Stand or sit and hold your baby securely at eye level. Gently raise and lower your baby while engaging your arm and shoulder muscles. Be sure to start slowly to see if the baby likes it. My baby loves being raised up for a set of 10 reps.

  6. Kiss-the-Baby Push-Ups: During push-ups, give your baby a gentle kiss each time you lower yourself. This adds an element of fun to your workout and keeps your baby engaged. It also gives you some extra motivation not to flop down and crush your baby 🤣

  7. Baby Bridge Lifts: Lie on your back, place your baby on your pelvis, and lift your hips, engaging your glutes and core. Your baby will enjoy the up-and-down movement. Be careful not to thrust too hard or your baby might fly off.

  8. Baby Lunges: You can do alternating lunges while holding your baby in front of your chest. It's both fun and engaging for the baby and definitely a more difficult exercise than you think with the extra weight. Try a couple rounds of walking lunges around the house and I guarantee tomorrow your glutes will be SORE.

The Importance of Interaction

During baby bonding workouts, constant interaction is key. Talk to your baby, sing songs, make funny faces, and maintain eye contact. Your engagement enhances the joy of the experience for your little one. Maybe you might not be able to push yourself as hard as you can with real weights, but remember that the priority is to have fun while getting in shape.

Safety Guidelines

  • Age and Development: Choose exercises suitable for your baby's developmental stage and motor skills. It's also ok to wear your baby during these exercises to better secure them.

  • Support: Always ensure your baby's head and neck are supported during movements.

  • Baby's Mood: If your baby isn't in the mood, don't force the workout. Flexibility is key. You can workout later in the day or after the baby goes to sleep. Never forget you are a full time dad and part time gym bro.

Enhancing the Experience

  • Sensory Stimulation: Incorporate sensory elements like colorful toys, textured fabrics, or soothing music 🎶 to engage your baby's senses. Be careful not to turn up the music too loud and overstimulate the baby.

  • Variety: Rotate through different exercises to keep the experience fresh and exciting for both you and your baby. You can do yoga 🧘, bodyweight workouts, dance parties, or just a walk to mix things up and keep it interesting.


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Baby bonding workouts beautifully merge the worlds of fitness and bonding, creating cherished memories while promoting both physical and emotional well-being. These enjoyable sessions provide a platform for shared joy, laughter, and connection that contribute to a strong parent-child relationship. As you embark on this journey of fitness and bonding, remember that it's not about the perfect execution of exercises but the genuine love and interaction between you and your little one. Treasure these moments, celebrate your progress, and revel in the unique connection you're building through the power of baby bonding workouts.


1. Can I do baby bonding workouts with a newborn?

Yes, baby bonding workouts can be adapted for newborns. Choose extra gentle movements and ensure your baby's head and neck are supported at all times.

2. How long should a baby bonding workout session be?

Start with short sessions of about 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the duration as your baby's attention span grows. Be flexible depending on your baby's reaction that day. It's ok to put him or her down for a bit and do a couple of exercises while they play nearby.

3. Are there any exercises I should avoid with my baby?

Avoid exercises that involve bouncing or jarring movements, and ensure your baby is comfortable and secure in each position.

4. What if my baby doesn't seem interested in the workout?

Babies have varying moods. If your baby isn't enjoying the workout, try again another time or explore different activities that capture their interest.

5. Can I do baby bonding workouts if I'm not very fit?

Absolutely! Baby bonding workouts are about interaction and joy. Start with gentle movements and gradually progress based on your comfort level. Do keep in mind that you should not push yourself to full exhaustion during a baby workout because the priority is still to keep the baby safe!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)